Making the Most of Your Photo Session with Florida’s Scenic Views

a family of four in a beautiful botanical garden in Tampa Florida

With so many beautiful and picturesque spots in sunny Florida, choosing a location for your photo session can seem daunting. Whether you want to capture your family indoors or outdoors, you want to make sure that the setting is perfect for creating lasting memories. That’s why I’ve put together this blog post—to help you choose the best spot for your next photo session! I will be sharing a few of my favorite locations to photograph at.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The first step in selecting a photo session location is deciding whether you prefer to take pictures indoors or outdoors. If you opt for an indoor session, you have plenty of choices. You can book a studio, use your own home, or even find a cozy coffee shop that offers enough natural light and unique aesthetics to give your photos character.

Studio maternity session by Kimberley Asante Photography

Outdoor locations

On the other hand, if outdoor photos are more your style, then Florida has plenty of beautiful locations to choose from. For example, Ybor City makes a great urban backdrop while Fred Howard Beach offers stunning beach views. If nature is what you’re after, then Eureka Springs Park provides plenty of greenery to create breathtaking images. When booking with me, I provide my clients with access to all the locations I’ve photographed before so they can get an idea of how they would look in each setting. But here I will be sharing some of my favorite locations.

Fred Howard Beach

Fred Howard Beach has many beautiful sceneries. They have both a beach and a park for many different kinds of backgrounds. They also have a playground, for some family fun after the photo session. Both sunset and sunrise photo sessions are great here.

Ybor City

If you are into urban and street photography, you will absolutely love Ybor City. There are so many beautiful backgrounds with lots of brick, graffiti, and iconic buildings.

Eureka Springs Park

If you love lots of greenery, you will love Eureka Springs Park. It is such a hidden gem with lots to offer. From boardwalk to flowers and trees to a beautiful greenhouse. This is a great location for families with young children to explore.

When it comes to choosing a location for your photo shoot, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are plenty of options whether you want an indoor or outdoor session – from studios and coffee shops to beaches and parks – there is something here for everyone. With my experience as a photographer here in Florida, I am certain that together we can create something special and unique just for your family. I provide my clients with access to my client portal where you can see all the locations I’ve photographed before so you can get an idea of how you would look in each setting and make the most out of their photo session experience!


I am a family photographer, located in Tampa Florida. I specialize in family, maternity, newborn and portrait photography and I cover the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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  1. I have never been to Florida myself. My sister has for her high school senior trip and she says it’s absolutely beautiful there. Your photos only further proves that! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. If one is doing a photo session it is very important to pre-plan as much as possible. As well, to communicate to your photographer exactly what you hope to get out of the session.

  3. I would never have thought photo sessions would be so much nicer when the proper planning is put into it. These are some fantastic pictures.

  4. I love outdoor photos in Florida. We always did them at beaches. Although I did take my cousin’s senior photos around downtown Ft. Myers and those were great, too. We always loved the lighthouse area on Sanibel but I haven’t been back since Hurricane Ian hit to see what that’s like now.

  5. Wow, I was blown away by your article on making the most of a photo session in Florida’s scenic views! Your tips were so practical and helpful, and the photos you included were absolutely stunning.

  6. I love the inspiration. Outdoor photos are so amazing. Just watch for the weather. I love the photo of the pregnant woman.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve always wanted an outdoor photo session for my family. Florida is such a great option.

    1. Let me know when you come visit Florida! I’d love to photograph you and your family!

  8. I love on location photo shoots. So much creativity can be expressed out in nature.

  9. Outdoor photography is more appealing to me, especially showcasing memorable places. I would love to have my own outdoor photography with my husband for our wedding.

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