A Delightful Afternoon with The T. Family: An Outdoor Photo Session to Remember

Right in the sunny heart of Tampa, Florida, at a beautiful spot that feels like a hidden gem, I had the incredible opportunity to capture the essence of family love and togetherness with The T. Family. This session was extra special, not just because it celebrated their amazing bond but also because it marked a continued journey we’ve been on together, from maternity and newborn photos in my studio to this sweet family moment. What made this day even more remarkable was that The T. Family had won the Deluxe Family Portrait Session Giveaway I hosted on Facebook earlier this year. Their win brought us to this day, making the session uniquely memorable. And to top it off, they received a beautiful wooden keepsake box filled with high-quality prints from a professional photo lab, highlighting the beauty of holding onto these moments in more than just our hearts and digital screens.

The Magic of Eureka Springs Park

Eureka Springs Park, with its breathtaking flowers and vibrant greenery, provided the perfect canvas for our session. The T. Family, dressed in a meticulously chosen color palette, blended seamlessly into the natural beauty of the park. Their wardrobe choices, thoughtful and harmonious, enhanced the authenticity and warmth of each photograph.

The T. Family: A Snapshot

Getting to know The T. Family has been a journey of its own. From capturing the delicate moments of maternity to the tender beginnings of newborn life, and now to this delightful family session, each photograph tells a story of love, growth, and connection. Their down-to-earth nature and genuine smiles made the photo session not just a job for me, but a joy.

Behind the Scenes with The T. Family

The comfort and ease that The T. Family felt in front of the camera were palpable. Their sons, having been photographed by me before, were especially at ease, allowing for natural and candid shots that truly captured their personalities. It’s these moments of unguarded joy and intimacy that make family photo sessions so special.

The Importance of Printing Your Memories

In a world increasingly dominated by digital media, I firmly believe in the power and importance of printing photos. There’s something incredibly profound about holding a physical representation of a moment in time. That’s why, with each deluxe family photo session, I include a wooden keepsake box with high-quality prints. This not only ensures that these cherished moments are preserved in a tangible form but also enhances the overall experience of the photo session, making it truly unforgettable.

Looking Forward: Future Sessions with The T. Family

As we wrapped up our session at Eureka Springs Park, I couldn’t help but feel excited about the future photo sessions with The T. Family. Their warmth, laughter, and love are what make my job as a photographer so rewarding. I look forward to continuing to document their journey and create lasting memories together, always with the promise of beautiful prints to hold those memories in their hands.

What can we expect during a family photo session with Kimberley Asante?

For those wondering about the experience of capturing timeless memories with Kimberley Asante, there’s a wealth of information awaiting you. Every session is tailored to reflect the unique essence and personality of each family, ensuring that the process is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. From the initial consultation to the moment you receive your cherished keepsake box, each step is designed with your happiness in mind. For a detailed glimpse into the kind of experience you can anticipate, I invite you to explore further on my blog post, “What to Expect During a Photo Session with Kimberley Asante Photography.” This comprehensive guide will walk you through every aspect of the photo session process, offering insights and tips to make your family’s photo session a truly memorable event. Discover more by visiting What to Expect During a Photo Session with Kimberley Asante Photography.


To The T. Family, thank you for allowing me the privilege to capture these moments of your lives. To all the families in Tampa looking for a photographer who values the beauty of natural interactions, the artistry of genuine emotion, and the timeless nature of printed photographs, I invite you to join me for your own photo adventure. Let’s create something beautiful together.


I am a family photographer, located in Tampa Florida. I specialize in family, maternity, newborn and portrait photography and I cover the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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  1. Such a lovely spot you found to photograph this family. I am sure these are photos they will cherish forever.

  2. They are absolutely beautiful! And she is glowing! You did a great job!

  3. They are absolutely delightful! And she is glowing! You did a great job!

  4. I am a photographer, and I can tell you these are great photographs. Well composed. Well posed. Thanks for the info.

  5. Kimberley, your passion for capturing genuine moments of family love and togetherness shines through in every word of this delightful account. The way you describe the T. Family’s experience paints such a vivid picture of warmth and authenticity, making me feel like I was right there with you amidst the vibrant greenery of Eureka Springs Park.

    Your dedication to preserving these precious memories through high-quality prints is truly commendable. In a world where digital media often dominates, there’s something truly special about holding a physical representation of a cherished moment. It’s evident that you understand the profound impact of tangible memories, and your commitment to providing that experience for your clients sets you apart.

    I appreciate how you tailor each session to reflect the unique essence and personality of every family, ensuring that the experience is not only enjoyable but also deeply meaningful. Your attention to detail and genuine care for your clients shine through, creating an atmosphere of comfort and ease that allows for natural and candid shots.

    As someone who values the beauty of natural interactions and the timeless nature of printed photographs, I’m truly inspired by your work. Your dedication to capturing the essence of family love and preserving it for generations to come is truly admirable. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, and I look forward to the opportunity to embark on my own photo adventure with you someday.

  6. This was such a lovely photo shoot! I love that there was so much nature in the photos, and how everyone’s outfits complimented one another so nicely. What a beautiful job.

  7. Your shots are so lovely! The location is perfect and the T. Family is looking radiant in their photoshoot. Great work!

  8. Really great photoshoot! I love that you pointed out that considering your wardrobe is an important piece to making any photo session as great as possible.

  9. That is the absolute best setting for a family photo ever! The natural beauty of the garden really makes a lovely canvas for the family.

  10. Capturing moments like these in such picturesque settings truly makes for timeless treasures. Kudos to the photographer for a job well done!

  11. If you were offering your photography services here in my country, I would definitely get you to shoot our family portrait.

  12. These photos really capture the beauty and love in this family. You’ve done an amazing job finding the perfect spot for the photo shoot.

  13. You guys look amazing, amazing outdoor session with the family. These will go for long time as good memories.

  14. First of all, I love the place where these shots are taken, and lastly, your client is such a wonderful family. I am sure you’ve had a great time working with them.

  15. I never thought there could be a post on this topic. Such valuable tips, thanks! Most important – print photos still matter!!!

  16. These are such adorable pictures. You really planned it so well. I am sure the family would cherish these pictures forever.

  17. Awww, these pictures are stunning. I love the tips, too. I would like to have a session like this.

  18. I agree with you that it is still important to print our photos. It just feels difference and I love displaying it in our home.

    By the way, these are really beautiful photos and I am inspired to have a family photo session as well.

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