A Fun Family Photo Session at a Beautiful Barn in Tampa

I recently had the joy of photographing a wonderful family who have been my clients for several years. Watching their kids grow up has been such a treat, and capturing their birthdays and milestones is something I truly love. This family is so warm and sweet, and every session with them is a delight. One thing I especially enjoy is how they always pick different locations and put so much effort into matching and complementary outfits.

For our latest session, we went to this gorgeous barn in Tampa. It’s a private spot with lots of beautiful setups, originally a wedding venue. Even though I don’t do weddings, the owners are kind enough to let me use the space for my sessions.

This time, the family chose lovely purple and lilac tones for their outfits, and the result was simply magical. Their daughter, who’s now two years old, had her own plans for the day. Her parents were worried we might not get any good photos, but I assured them we had plenty of fantastic shots. When sessions don’t go as planned, I like to go with the flow and let the kids lead the way. This helps me capture real, candid moments that are so precious.

Highlights of the Session

From the moment we arrived at the barn, the family’s purple and lilac outfits looked amazing against the rustic background. The barn had such a charming vibe, and we started with some group shots in front of it. Their genuine smiles and loving glances made for perfect photos.

Their little girl, full of energy and curiosity, led us on a fun adventure around the venue. We snapped photos of her exploring the garden, playing with flowers, and giggling as her parents chased her around. These pure, joyful moments were some of my favorite shots of the day.

Custom Folio Boxes

I’m excited to announce that I now offer custom folio boxes with my sessions. I absolutely love prints, and I think it’s so important to offer them because in this digital age, memories can easily fade away. It brings me true joy to go through my parents’ and grandmothers’ photo albums and remember beautiful moments in my life that I might have otherwise forgotten about.

So, I’ve put together this beautiful folio box for my clients. They get to keep the photos of their session in a lovely suede keepsake box, making it easy to refer back to those special moments later in life. These folio boxes are a perfect way to preserve and cherish the memories we capture together.

Please note that this picture was taken with a phone – it’s not a professional photo

Final Thoughts

Photographing this sweet family at the beautiful barn in Tampa was an absolute joy. The combination of their coordinated outfits, the stunning location, and the genuine moments of love and laughter made for a truly special session. I’m so grateful for the chance to document their journey and can’t wait for more sessions in the future.

If you’re thinking about a family photo session and want to capture the true essence of your loved ones, feel free to reach out. I’d be thrilled to help you create lasting memories to cherish for years to come.


I am a family photographer, located in Tampa Florida. I specialize in family, maternity, newborn and portrait photography and I cover the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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  1. You took some great pictures of this family that I bet they will cherish for years to come. And what super cute kiddos!

  2. Your approach of letting kids lead the way truly shines through, showcasing those candid, heartwarming images. As a fan of genuine smiles and natural poses, I find authenticity in photography very refreshing over super-posed shots!

  3. They are such a cute family! I love the joy and love you captured in these shots. Wonderful setting, too.

  4. This is such a sweet photo shoot! I wish these had been more common when my son was a kid. We just did the classic family portrait thing.

  5. This article about a fun family photo session at a beautiful barn in Tampa is so inspiring! The setting sounds perfect for capturing memorable family moments, and the photos must be stunning.

  6. I love the bridge shot the most! Summer is the perfect time for outdoor photos.

  7. Such a joy capturing the family’s milestones at the beautiful barn! What a wonderful experience!

  8. These are some beautiful photos. I am sure the family is very happy with them.

  9. These photos are beautifully taken and the children are just so precious.

  10. That is so lovely that you’ve had the opportunity to photograph this family before. Picking different locations can be great to give a wide variety with the images which I must say are all so lovely. The bridge shot with them all is the best!

  11. Having a family photo in a barn or anything that has nice scenery is a breathtaking to see. I can see that the family is happy in those pictures.

  12. These family photos turned out so beautifully! The mama’s dress is gorgeous!

  13. So cute and love the barn backdrop! Great photos!

  14. What a heartwarming family session! The choice of the barn as the backdrop is just perfect, and the purple and lilac tones add a magical touch.

  15. This is a great location for a photo shoot. Your pictures are great.

  16. These are beautiful photos and you did such a great job capturing this unique moment for this family. I love the barn backdrop and setting too!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  17. This family photo session looks like such a joyous experience! The beautiful barn setting in Tampa adds a perfect rustic charm.

  18. You’ve captured the joy and love of this family in such a beautiful setting. So nice you’ve worked with them for years.

  19. That is so awesome that the Tampa barn owner lets you take family photo sessions there. It’s an awesome location. (I know there are venues around here that charge for that.) You really captured this family’s love for one another, and the little ones are adorable! Well done.

  20. This is awesome, love the background for a family photo. These definitely will be good pictures to look at in the future. The family look amazing in all of the pictures.

  21. I like what I see! And I agree, it is a good idea to offer a package that includes prints. They offer something for people to directly display, wherever they like.

  22. Beautiful photos! You did a great job in capturing their genuine smiles and the precious moments for this family. Will definitely keep you in mind should we decide to have a photoshoot for our family.

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